Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Dior Cuir Cannage (796) Palette Review

Dior Cuir Cannage (796) Palette
Dior Cuir Cannage (796) Palette
I picked up this eyeshadow palette a couple of months ago Link! It was released as part of Dior's Fall collection. The palette contains 5 neutral shades, perfect for this time of year. I really like this combination of shades as I can do anything: from a very basic neutral everyday eye to a darker plum toned, warm smokey look.
Dior Cuir Cannage (796) Palette
These shadows have a very smooth texture, they have decent pigmentation and are buildable. They look gorgeous layered together and blend beautifully. I was really impressed with the wear time (about 7 hours with no primer).
I have several different 5 colour Dior palettes and I've noticed that they can really be hit or miss. Some of them have pigmented smooth blendable shadows, and some contain harder chalky shades. I tend to absolutely love or hate them. Fortunately I love this one.

The first shade in this palette is a metallic plum toned dark bronze. I like to apply this shadow all over the lid (up to the crease) with a flat shader brush. I also like to apply it in my outer corners to darken a neutral eye.
The second shade is a slightly frosty beige/cream metallic shadow with a golden sheen. This is an ideal brow bone and inner corner highlight.
The third shade is a pale bronze golden metallic shadow. I like to apply this with a flat shader brush all over my lids, with the matte brown shade in the crease. I also like to apply this shade in the centre of the lid with the plum bronze shade on the outer half of the lid.
Swatches From Left: Shade 1, Shade 3, Shade 2
Swatches (From Left): Shade 1, Shade 3, Shade 2
The fourth shade is a dark grey shadow with a slight plum hue to it, and has a satin finish. I apply this with a small angled brush along my upper lash line, as well as in the outer corner to smoke out a look.
The fifth shade in the centre of the palette is a matte medium brown shadow. It has an extremely smooth buttery, blendable texture. I use it in my crease when doing a neutral look and as a transition colour when creating a smokey eye.
Swatches (From Left): Shade 5, Shade 4
Swatches (From Left): Shade 5, Shade 4
Dior Cuir Cannage (796) Palette
Dior Cuir Cannage (796) Palette
If I could change one thing about the palette, I would have liked the highlight shade to be less frosty (personally I'm never a fan of frosty highlight shades). In saying this, overall I have been really impressed by this palette and would recommend it to anyone. Although this palette is expensive, it works out at just over €10 a shadow. Just for comparison this Dior palette has 0.21oz of product while a MAC shadow is 0.05oz and are €16 each - therefore you would pay about €64 for the same amount of MAC product as you get in the Dior palette.
If you would like to see a look using this palette, just let me know in the comments below. Also if you have this palette I would love to hear your thoughts on it.

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  1. I was eyeing this up yesterday and it was a toss up between this and Urban Decay's Naked on the Run palette. I went for Naked on the Run, but this is definitely going to be my next splurge item. Great review!

    1. Thanks Caroline, let me know what you think of it if you do pick it up :)