Thursday, 3 July 2014

Current Loves #4

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I didn't get a chance to do a current favourites post for May. Since the beginning of May I have picked up quite a few lovely products. This posts contains a mixture of new and long time favourites

Bioderma Atoderm Shower Gel and Moisturiser - I picked these up while on holidays at the beginning of May and I've used them everyday since. The two together have transformed my dry, irritated, sensitive skin, these are definitely holy-grail status. Check out this review post for more details here
White Joni Jeans-Link! I picked these up before I went on holiday. I was looking for a nice pair of  affordable skinny jeans- they are  €55 so they're not the cheapest pair but they're not extortionately priced either.They're high waisted, tight, stretchy skinny jeans. Because they are high waisted I find that these do suck you in. They come in three different leg lengths 30' 32' & 34' . 
White Converse Runners-Link! I recently picked up a new pair of these to replace my previous pair which were completely worn out. These are perfect for a casual look for summer. I like to wear these with my white Joni Jeans (or any pair of skinny jeans really)
Nivea Invisible Deodorant- Link! This doesn't mark or stain my clothes and has a nice fresh scent. Although this deodorant doesn't come with a cap you can lock the nozzle to make sure it won't spray accidentally. I have found this very handy when i'm travelling as I always lose the lids of things.
Chanel Multi Coloured Les Beiges Powder in No2-Link! This is part of Chanel's latest collection for Summer. I have been applying it by sweeping a Real Techniques blush brush across the three warm shades  and applying them to the high points of my face to warm up my complexion. This bronzer goes on pretty sheer but it can be built up on skin for a deeper colour- giving you more control. I have done a full detailed review of this product here
Maybelline Gel Nail Color in Berry Stain, Link! I picked this up earlier this month after reading a blog post by Amelia (from Liana Beauty) If you haven't already checked out her blog- you should! This is purple colour with a slight hint of pink, it is opaque in two coats and has a very glossy finish to it. It lasts 3 days on me without chipping (I do use a base coat with this but no top coat). Check out my instagram for a pic of it on my nails here
L'Oreal Ever Sleek Sulfate Free Shampoo- Link! I recently decided I was going to go on the hunt of SLS free hair products.This has the typical L'Oreal shampoo scent to it (which I love) it lathers up like a regular shampoo would (which is surprising because SLS is the foaming agent used in lots of hair and body products). This shampoo is recommended for frizzy, overworked hair. My hair isn't really either of those two things so I was afraid it would be too heavy for my hair however it leaves my hair very shiny and doesn't weigh it down.
Naked Smooth Jajoba Oil Silky Conditioner-Link! This is a thick nourishing conditioner that doesn't weigh my hair down (I have fine hair but lots of it) It is recommended for long hair, it's supposed to keep hair frizz and kink free. I apply it to the mid lengths and ends of my hair.
I usually have very tangled, knotty hair that is difficult to brush especially when wet, however I have found that after I use these two products my hair is not tangled and it very easy to brush and also I'm convinced that it is easier and quicker to blow dry.
Nars Deep Throat -Link! I've had this blush for years, I love to wear it in summer! It's a gorgeous peachy pink blush with subtle gold shimmer through it. I have been wearing it along my cheek bones. It is a perfect subtle summer blush. I have included this blush in a more detailed post here
Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in Vanilla -Link! I picked this up in Vegas a few months ago and only started using it a few weeks ago. Initially I was afraid it would crease under my eyes as it has such a creamy texture. It does crease a little if I don't set it with powder, however I have found once I set it with a tiny amount of powder it doesn't crease at all. It has a light texture, its goes on smoothly and is extremely easy to blend and does not look cakey. I use this under my eyes as well as on any discoloration or redness on my face.
Bite Beauty Lipstick in Violet This is a blue toned bright purple it has a light weight texture & is very pigmented and feels moisturising on the lips. This is a perfect summer time bright shade, I have included it in another more detailed post here
MAC Blondes Gold Loose Pigment (only available in the US) I picked this up when I was in Vegas in March. I absolutely love it! It is a pale shimmery gold and is ideal to brighten up any eye look. I like to apply it from the inner corner to center of the lid with a darker colour in the crease & outer corner. I apply it with my finger. alternatively you can apply it with a flat eyeshadow brush. You can also intensify the colour of this pigment by spraying the brush with MAC fix + and then dripping it into the pigment. I have created a beauty look with this pigment here
RayBan Wayfarers-Link! (I have a slight addiction to sunglasses)  I have been wearing these a lot over the last two months! These are folding sunglasses and are polarized. To be honest when I was buying them I really didn't care if they folded up or were polarized (it's all about the look) but its proved to be quite handy, I can pretty much fit them in any handbag and because they're polarized they're great for driving!

Let me know what your current favorites are in the comments below.
Please note I purchased all of the products mentioned & the links provided are not affiliate links.


  1. My current favourites are my new River Island sunglasses and my MAC lipstick in Ravishing :) Loving your blog and thanks for tweeting it to me ^^

    1. Thank you so much Marie, I'm glad you like it. Ravishing looks like a really nice everyday colour :)