Friday, 25 April 2014

Wet n Wild Cosmetics available in Ireland!

Wet n Wild products have for a long time been a favourite drugstore brand for American beauty bloggers. Now they're finally available in Pennys/Primark & Dunnes Stores in Ireland. I've also seen them in Primor in Spain.
I've been using these products for a couple of months now & am very impressed!

Comfort Zone Coloricon Palette
Comfort Zone Palette- This contains 8 eyeshadows (€6.95). One side of this palette is warm toned neutral shades, while the other side contains a range of shades from pewter to a duo chrome aqua brown. Each of these shadows are embossed with where to place them on the eye.
Browbone (1) This is a warm yellow toned metallic beige shade, its texture is velvety soft and smooth.
Eyelid (1) This is a warm golden metallic shade with a peach/tan undertone.
From left: Browbone (1), Eyelid (1)
Crease (1) This is a warm bronze shade with a gold metallic finish. Again, this shade has a velvety soft smooth texture.
Definer (1) This is a very dark-toned brown shade with gold shimmer through it. In the pan it looks warm with red  undertones. However when swatched this shade has a grey tone to it, leaving it a neutral toned eyeshadow ideal for the outer corner of the eye or applied along the lash line.
From left: Crease (1), Definer (1)
Browbone (2) This shade is a metallic pewter colour and it has a neutral tone. Its texture is extremely velvety soft and smooth.
Eyelid (2) This is a bright metallic green shade with a gold sheen to it.
From left: Browbone (2), Eyelid (2)
Crease (2) This is a very dark mossy-green shade with gold shimmer through it.
Definer (2) This is a duo chrome - it is a metallic aqua/red brown shade, its texture is velvety soft.
From left: Crease (2), Definer (2)

Walking on Eyeshells Coloricon Palette

From left: Browbone, Crease, Eyelid
Walking on Egg Shells Palette  -This contains 3 neutral eyeshadows (€4.49)
Browbone- This a cool tone beige shade with a silver-metallic finish.
Crease- This is a warm bronze tan shade with a gold metallic finish - the shade has a velvety soft smooth texture.
Eyelid- This is a pale pink cool toned shade with a silver metallic finish and again the texture of this shadow is velvety soft and smooth.

Brulee - This is a single matte beige eyeshadow (€1.99). I used this all over as a base shadow. It is extremely pigmented, soft and smooth.

All of the these Wet n Wild eyeshadows are highly pigmented, their texture is smooth and blendable and they last all day- about 8 hours!

Pearlscent Pink
Pearlscent Pink
Pearlscent Pink Blush- (€4.49) This is a coral pink shade with a small amount of sliver shimmer running through it. It has excellent pigmentation. It applies smoothly and lasts about 6-7 hrs on me, it wears evenly and does not go patchy. The shimmer in this blush is very finely milled and is not over powering.  I apply this blush along the cheekbones, it leaves a lovely glow on the skin. I find there is no need to apply highlighter with the blush.

From Left: Think Pink, Smokin' Hot Pink
From Left: Smokin' Hot Pink, Think Pink
901B - Think Pink - This lipstick is a quite a bright peachy pink. Unfortunately I don't like the colour on me. This shade also looked a little dry and chalky when applied.
E905D Smokin' Hot Pink- This is a raspberry pink colour, I love this shade. It did apply smoothly, However it wore away on my top lip after about an hour and a half, leaving only an outline. Weirdly my bottom lip had little to no wear.
These Mega Last Lipsticks (€2.99) have a matte finish, and are highly pigmented. However I did find them to be a little drying on the lips.

Top: Red a Good Book, Bottom: Wet Cement
Wet Cement- This is a slightly taupey chocolate brown colour - it's perfect for Autumn/Winter but I would wear it all year round!
Red a Good Book - This is a true red shade it has no shimmer or glitter.
These Mega Last polishes are opaque in 2 coats and are not streaky. The manicurve pro brush is quiet wide making it incredibly easy and quick to apply. The polish lasts 3 days on me without chipping (This is good nail polish usually chips on me within a day no matter what I do). I love these nail polishes and for €2.99 I think they're incredible value.

I was really impressed with and would recommend all of these products. The only thing I was a little disappointed in was the lipsticks, as I found them to be drying on the lips and the way the brighter one wore was a little strange. However they are pigmented and their lasting power was good considering it's a €2.99 lipstick!

Please note I purchased all of the products mentioned.
I hope you have enjoyed this post and found it useful!


  1. Really great* Review!! :D XO


    1. Thank you Katie, I'm really glad you liked it!

  2. I might go out and purchase some now! x

    1. I would definitely recommend them Katie :)

  3. All look so pretty and beautiful! Xx

  4. Thats amazing being able to pick them up in Primark, hopefully they will make their way over to England soon!

  5. Fantastic photos and swatches missus!

  6. I've heard loads about Wet n Wild but I dont think you can get it in the UK! The Walking on Egg Shells Palette looks lovely though, the swatches are really clear which is really useful :) xx

    1. Thank you Katie, I'm glad you like the post. Hopefully Wet n Wild will be available in the UK soon :)

  7. I really want to try the Wet n' Wild eyeshadows! I love how they tell you which bit to put where on your eyes because I am absolutely rubbish when it comes to applying eyeshadow. The colours from the swatches look amazing. The comfort zone palette is such good value! x

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    1. Hi Georgia, The eyeshadows are such good quality, they're definitely worth a try! :)

  8. Wow. Want wet & wild in the uk! Can't believe how pigmented the eye shadows are & love the darker lipstick

    1. Hi Andrea, I don't think Wet n Wild are available in the UK yet, fingers crossed that they will be soon! :)

  9. I love Wet n Wild, that blush is one off my favorites from them. So pretty and crazy pigmented :-)

    1. It's the only blush I've tried from them & I love it! I'm so impressed with the quality :)

  10. I had no idea that wet-n-wild was an America exclusive; it is everywhere here! I'm shameless about it too. It is usually quite cheap but like you said the quality is pretty impressive especially considering the price. In my experience the lipstick is always pretty hit or miss. Some is pretty good, but I've yet to find one the lasts very long.

    Looking forward to following (:

    --Katie at Paperback Planes