Thursday, 10 April 2014

Inside My MAC Palette

I thought I'd let you know what my favourite most used MAC shadows are. I know it can be very overwhelming and often intimidating when you're in a MAC store, as there is so much to choose from.
This palette is mostly made up of neutral shades as well as a few darker shadows, so I can create anything from a barely there soft daytime look to a night time smokey eye.
You can buy the empty 15 pan palette in MAC and then pick whatever colours you want to go inside.
I put new shadows in my palette to replace ones that were almost empty (where I could) to take the photos for this post, so you would be able to see the colours clearly.
I have the old 15 pan palettes - the new ones have a clear acrylic top so you can see the eyeshadows inside, whereas you have to open the old palettes to see the shadows. I have three of the old palettes so I'm not really bothered replacing them with new ones.
When you buy the new palettes you buy the outer casing and the inserts separately. Link! You can choose from an empty insert which holds 15 eyeshadows Link!or one which will hold 6 blushers, the inserts just slot into the outer casing.
You can also buy small empty 4 Link! or 2 pan eyeshadow palettes Link!

Link Eyeshadow refills to go into the palette
Link! Eyeshadows in individual cases

Brule (satin finish) -This is a beige shade with a very subtle satin finish. I use this as a base shadow to even out my lid. I also use this when I want a very subtle highlight under my brow.
Omega- (matte finish) This shade looks unimpressive in the pan but once swatched it is a gorgeous grey toned soft neutral brown colour. I love to wear this shade mixed with Patina on the lid.
Soft Brown- (matte finish) This is a tan peach toned brown, it's a perfect crease colour. I also use it to blend out the edges of darker shadows.
Soba (satin finish)- This is a medium-warm brown camel shade. When looking at this shadow in the pan I can see it has a small amount of finely milled gold glitter particles running through it. However I cannot see the glitter when I apply the shadow.
Cork -(satin finish) This is a medium warm brown shade - it's a perfect crease colour.
Clockwise from top left: Brule, Omega, Soft Brown, Cork, Soba
From left: Brule, Omega, Soft Brown, Soba, Cork

Espresso (matte)- This is a matte dark brown, again perfect for the outer corner.
Mystery (satin finish) This is a dark brown cool toned shade with purple and grey undertones - perfect for the outer corner.
Mulch- (Velvet finish) This is a warm bronze metallic shade with gold glitter particles running through it. I wear this shade all over the lid.
Woodwinked (Veluxe pearl finish)- This is a warm golden metallic shimmer shade. I wear this shade on my lid. I've heard people saying they can't wear this shadow because it looks too orange toned on them, but I have found that it looks more gold on me. I love it.
Patina (frost finish)- This my favourite Mac eyeshadow. It is a pale taupe with grey undertones with a golden metallic finish.

From top left clockwisw: Espresso, Mystery, Mulch, Patina, Woodwinked
From Left: Espresso, Mystery, Mulch, Woodwinked, Patina

Swiss Chocolate (matte finish)This is a matte red-.brown I use this in the crease, or in the outer corner with soft brown in the crease.
Sliver Ring (veluxe pearl finish)-  This is a grey sliver shade, it's not metallic but it has a sliver sheen finish to it. I use this on the centre of the lid over Knight Divine when I'm doing a smokey eye.
Knight Divine (veluxe pearl finish)- This is a dark blue toned grey with a slight sliver sheen. I use this on the lid when I'm doing a smokey eye. This is the only shadow I have a slight issue with - I find that I have to really build up the colour on the lid (the payoff isn't the best) but I love the colour. This shade wears evenly and it's lasting power is great.
Print (satin finish) - This is a grey shade with finely milled sliver glitter through it. However, the glitter isn't noticeable, when applied it looks matte. I use this in the crease for a smokey eye.
Carbon  (matte finish) black shadow, I use this in the outer corner when doing a smokey eye. I also use it along the upper lash line when I'm doing an everyday neutral look when I don't want to use liner.
I have had no problems with the shadows (except Knight Divine). They have good colour payoff, are really blendable, long lasting and they wear evenly.
Clockwise from top left: Knight Divine, Print, Carbon, Silver Ring, Swiss Chocolate
From left: Swiss Chocolate, Silver Ring, Knight Divine, Print, Carbon

If you would like me to create any beauty looks with some of these shades just let me know in the comments. Or if you would like me to do another post on the rest of my MAC palettes just let me know.

Please note I purchased all of the products mentioned & the links provided are not affiliate links.


  1. You have a lovely assortment of shades in your palette :) I really want to create a MAC palette but the price always puts me of just a little!

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper | An Undomestic Goddess

    1. Thank you Louise,they are expensive that's the only downside. I collected all of mine over a number of years. x

  2. Really nice choices! I have two pot singles - Expensive Pink & Satin Taupe and four pans in my palette - Shroom, Sushi Flower, Freshwater, and Omega!


    1. Thanks Riki I'm glad you like them, I have Satin Taupe and Shroom as well I really like them too. I switch the shadows out depending on the look I'm doing.

  3. Love! I just have two MAC shadows. Orb which I use similar to how you use Brule- just as an all over wash of color and to even out my lid. Then I have Kid which is such a light brown but used in the crease with Orb creates the perfect subtle eye look for dramatic winged liner and a red lip!

    I just got a shipment of Makeup Geek shadows that I plan to put in my MAC palette- it's my first experience with Makeup Geek so I'm going to do a blog post about it soon.

    Thanks for sending me your link!

    1. The makeup Geek shadows are amazing, I think they're a brilliant alternative to MAC. I must try Orb and kid with a red lip. x

  4. We have such similar taste-I own every single one of these! If you don't own it already 'Sable' is my all time fave

    Stacey Expat Make-Up Addict xx

    1. Thanks Stacey, love ur blog! I had sable years ago, I don't have it now tho. I must pick it up again soon x

  5. These are definitely the best colours I've seen so far. I love neutral shades and how versatile they are. I always struggle with coloured eye shadows and liners, but I find I can always make something good with neutral colours :)

    I've come over from the #fbloggers chat on twitter :) Following you on Bloglovin. I've got a giveaway going on JustRach if you'd like to take a look x xo

    1. Thanks Rachael, glad you liked it! Your blog looks lovely, can't wait to read through your posts x

  6. These are stunning I love it when the swatches looks so good :) great post.

    1. Thank you Helen, I'm glad you like it :)

  7. pretty palette doll !!! nice selection :) xx

  8. Love your choices, so jealous! Have you tried all that glitters? It's my favourite x

    1. Thanks Katie, I'm glad you liked it. I have tried all that glitters, I like to wear it all over the lid with a subtle neutral shade in the crease. x

  9. I like earth tones. They look so decent.


    1. Thank you Dellilah, I'm glad you like it :)

  10. Hiya hun,
    I've never tried Mac products, however I may have to buy these!
    They look super pigmented.
    Lots of love,

    1. Thanks, I'm glad you liked the post. I would definitely recommend them all x