Saturday, 29 March 2014

Nars Matte Multiple Review

I picked this up about a month ago in the US. I really wanted to try these as I thought they would be ideal to add colour and depth to my dry skin. The shade I bought is Anguilla Link! this is the lightest shade in the Matte Multiple Collection - this is a light coral pink colour. I also wanted to get a bronze shade for contouring, but the Sephora I was in only had one bronze shade that was very dark with a orange undertone to it. I really wanted the palest bronze shade.
I try to take photos of products before I use them, but unfortunately in this case I opened the product and the multiple flew out and onto the floor. I'm guessing it got shaken loose in my suitcase! That's why it looks a bit worse for wear in the photos, I also thought I'd take a photo of the product out of it's casing to show exactly how much product you actually get. (These matte multiples are half the size of the original multiples)
The first thing I noticed when I applied Anguilla was its finish - although it is matte -it also leaves a subtle sheen on the skin, which I love.
I also found that it is creamy and easy to blend when applied to the skin. Although it is creamy, it doesn't slide around your face. I have worn this multiple over foundation with and without powder; either way, it only lasts about 4 hours before it completely disappeared. While  the lasting power was very disappointing, it does wear evenly and does not go patchy. I like to apply it directly from the bullet on the apples of the cheek and along the cheek bones, and then blend it out with my fingers. I love that it's so easy to apply, and that it doesn't feel heavy on the skin.
The only thing I'm disappointed with was its lasting power. Then again, reapplying it is quick and really easy to do - it could easily be done on the go!
I also thought it was worth mentioning that I tried the multiple on my lips, I didn't like the colour- I thought it was too pale on my lips, it also clung to and accentuated any dry patches I had. However, I really loved how it looked on the skin as blusher and if you don't mind reapplying throughout the day you'll love this. In saying this, I feel for the 42 euro price tag the lasting power should be a lot better as a blusher, and the multiple should also work better on the lips.

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I hope you found this review useful!


  1. This looks so subtle and complimentary on your skin! So nice. What a shame it got ruined! xxx

  2. It's a shame you didn't get on with this product - as you said, you would expect more for the price, and in my opinion, from the brand. The colour is lovely on you though. x

    1. Thanks Amber, I had such high hopes for this product!! I love everything else I've tried from the brand tho x

  3. I am so glad you shared this review! I'm a huge cream blush fan and have had my eye on the NARS multiples for a while now! I've always had good luck with NARS cream blushes having long staying power, so it's a shame this one doesn't hold up on the skin for very long! It does look like a really nice neutral pink though!

    Carly carly blogs here

    1. Thanks Carly,I had such high hopes for this product, & loved everything about it (as a blusher) except for it's lasting power!

  4. You suit this shade so much! I loved your review, I'm really tempted to place an order on Sephora now!x
    Anita @ AllThingsAnita