Friday, 14 March 2014

Makeup Geek Eyeshadow & Pigment Review

I've had these shadows for about five weeks and used them all! I purchased nine neutral shades and one  pigment. I chose the pan shadows these come in a magnetized pan that can be put into an empty Mac palette or Z palettes. I already had a Z palette so these pan eyeshadows were perfect. If you don't have a palette to house these shadows. you can also purchase these shadows in individual compacts.
The compact eyeshadows are $7.99, The eyeshadow pans are $5.99 each and the pigments are $6.99. The shipping and handling came to $9.89 and there was no customs charges! It took them 4 days to ship my order - however once it was shipped I received them in 5 days!

From Left: Purely Naked, Cocoa Bear, Shimma Shimma

Purely Naked-Link! This shadow is a light/medium warm slightly shimmery tan shade- very little of the shimmer in this shadow transfers once applied to the eyelid. It has a soft smooth texture.
Cocoa Bear -Link! This shade is a dark matte warm red- brown shade - It has excellent colour payoff and has a smooth blendable texture. This is a great outer corner colour.
Shimma Shimma-Link! This shade has a velvety soft smooth texture and again has excellent colour payoff.  It's a metallic beige champagne shade. Perfect as a highlight shade under the brow-bone or in the inner corner.

From Left: Creme Brulee, Vanilla Bean, Glamorous

Creme Brulee- Link! This is matte light/medium tan shade with peach undertones, It has a soft smooth blendable texture. This is an excellent transition shade.  The colour of this shade is very similar to Purely Naked however Creme Brulee  has more of a peach whereas Purely Naked has a more warm brown undertone.
Vanilla Bean-Link! This is a matte beige shade - it has excellent colour payoff and is ideal as a base shadow.
Glamorous-Link! This is a warm metallic copper shade with a slight orange undertone. It is definitely one the softest, smoothest, most pigmented shadow of the brunch.

From Left: Latte, Frappe, Corrupt

Latte-Link! This is a warm medium matte brown shade. It has a smooth texture with decent colour payoff.
Frappe-Link! This is a medium warm brown matte shade with a slight red undertone, It is again very smooth and bendable with decent pigmentation. - it's an ideal crease colour.
Corrupt -Link! This a a matte black shadow with glitter particles though it - the colour payoff of the shadow is excellent. However the texture of this shadow feels gritty when swatched due to the glitter! In saying this the shadow does apply evenly when applied to the eyelid.
Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams pigment- This is a shimmery beige champagne colour with tiny gold glitter particles through it. It has a very soft, smooth texture. It can be worn all over the lid on its own with eyeliner, or on the centre on the lid as a highlight it can be applied wet or dry. to apply it wet I use  Mac Fix + this amps up the colour and sparkle!

Each eyeshadow has 1.8g of product whereas for example MAC shadows contain 1.5g. The Makeup Geek shadows are almost a third of the price of  MAC shadows and the quality is definitely on par.
I love these shadows I think the quality is excellent and the price point is amazing!
I thought it was also worth mentioning that these Makeup Geek shadows are cruelty, paraben & talc free!

Please note none of the links are affiliate links and I purchased all the products mentioned.
I hope you found this review useful!


  1. I love MUG eyeshadows, I picked up the Ultimate Palette last year and I've been in love with it, the colours are so pigmented but I was hit with custom charges that really annoyed me!

    I really want to try the new pigments too, it's good to know that you wont be charged customs each time!

    Great review! :)

    Discoveries Of Self

    1. Thanks Natalie,I really want to get more of these eyeshadows!

  2. These are beautiful! I need some new good eye colors. Great post and review!!

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  4. These are lovely, nice swatches!

    I nominated you for the Liebster Award.
    You can check out my post for all the information about it if you like! :) x

    1. Thank u so much for the nomination Amelia, love ur blog! x

  5. Oh i really want to try make up geek eyeshadows but shipping is kinda expensive to the uk, they looks so pretty.

    1. I would definitely recommend them, I didn't get hit with customs charges but I've heard people in the UK have.

  6. These are gorgeous - I wish it was a bit easier to get these delivered to the UK!

    1. Glad you liked the post. I know the customs charges that the UK get hit with seem to be putting people off.