Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette

This is the latest palette from Urban Decay. It's made up of 12 brand new rosy toned neutral shades; some of which are quite unusual. I've had this palette for about a month now, I have tried out all the shadows, and have mixed feelings about them. (More on that later!)

The brush that comes with this palette is a double ended synthetic brush. There's a flat shader brush on one side which I have used to pack shadow onto the lid- and a crease/blending brush on the other.  I would use it in a pinch, but it's not the best brush I've ever used.
Flat shader

Left: Strange, Dust
Top: Limit, Burnout
Strange- This is a pale beige matte shade which I used as a base shadow.
Dust- This is a pale pink eyeshadow with chunky sliver glitter through it. Because this shade is so glittery, I have found that the only way I can wear it is in the centre of the lid over other eyeshadows.
Burnout - This is a rosy pink with a sliver metallic finish. This shade also has micro shimmer through it and I tend to wear this shade on the inner half of my lid.
Limit- Is a  medium pink rosy matte shade which I use in the crease.

Top: Trick, Buzz
Left: Nooner, Liar
Buzz- Is a deeper pink with a hint of mauve. This has sliver metallic sheen with a very small amount of glitter through it. I didn't think I was going to like this shade, however it is a flattering shade when paired with Nooner in the crease and Darkside along the lashline.
Trick- Is a golden copper metallic shadow with a small amount of micro shimmer through it.
Nooner- A darker rosy matte with a more purple undertone compared to Limit. I also use this in the crease or on the outer corner with Limit in the crease.
Liar -This is my favourite shadow in the palette - it is somewhat unusual. I would describe it as warm metallic brown with a slight duo chrome finish, giving this shade a hint of  mauve in certain light. It also has gold micro shimmer though it. I have found this to be the smoothest eyeshadow in the palette.

Top: Mugshot, Factory
Left: BlackHeart, Darkside
Factory- This is a bronzy brown metallic shade with gold micro shimmer.
Mugshot- This is a darker brown with a hint of mauve shade, almost making it a pewter colour. However it has a slight golden metallic finish making it quite an unusual warm shade
Darkside- This is a dark geryish brown with a hint of mauve and it has a slight sheen to it.
Blackheart -This is a black shadow with red glitter through it.

Liar, Factory and Mugshot are my favourites as they are the smoothest shadows in this palette. However I feel that although there are differences between these three shadows, they do look very similar when blended out, so I don't think they're different enough to warrant all being in the same palette. I have also found that the matte shadows have a  powdery texture; In saying that I like Nooner and Limit because these are somewhat unusual shades and I don't have anything else like them. However, again I feel that although there is a difference between these two shades, perhaps the difference isn't enough to warrant having both shades in the palette.  I have experienced some fall out with the other metallic shades as well.

I was surprised by the lack of lasting power of these shadows. Within 5-6 hrs the shadows had completely disappeared (without eyeshadow primer), I don't have oily eyelids so this is not usually a problem for me. I also have the Naked 1 & 2 and I haven't experienced any problems with lasting power or texture with the shadows in these two palettes.

If I had to choose my favourite, hands-down it would be the Naked 1 - as these shadows are warm toned which suit my complexion better rather than the cool tones in the Naked 2.

I do like the shades in this palette, but given the texture and the lasting power of the shadows, I don't think this is worth the 44 euro price tag.

Link Debenhams are offering free delivery over 30 euro.

Please note I purchased all of the products mentioned & the link provided is not an affiliate link.
I hope you have enjoyed this post and found it useful!


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  2. Really like the dust eyeshadow and its afterglow. Would be great to see the way you combine a couple or few together :)

    1. Hi Alina- I'll post a look using this palette very soon! Thanks

  3. Hey! Am dying for this palette! Also wanted to say that I really love your eye make up on your latest post also but I couldn't find the comment box for the particular post. Am your latest follower on bloglovin. If you get a spare moment, would love if you could check out my blog too.

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  4. Hi Claire,Thank you! I Love your post on fashion week, I can't wait to read more of your posts!
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  5. I like the honest review! I have this palette too and it is beautiful to look at but I find it hard to get the colours to work together!

    1. Thanks Stephanie, I'm glad you liked my review :)