Monday, 24 February 2014

Smashbox Full Exposure Palette Review

I have had this palette for about three weeks, I've tried out all the shades. There are 14 shadows, 7 matte and 7 shimmer. Six of the shades (left hand side) are warm toned and 6 cool toned shades (right hand side) while the two shades in the centre are neutral-beige shadows.
There is also a double-ended brush that comes with this palette, one end is for the shimmer shades and the other is for the matte shades. I really liked the matte end of the brush - it is excellent for applying shadows into the crease and blending them out. When I used the other side to apply the shimmer shades, I felt it picked up very little product and there was also a huge amount of fall out from the shadow when applied to the lid.
Matte End
Shimmer End

S1-The first shimmer shade is a bronze with a purple undertone; this is more of a glitter shade than shimmer. This shade has a lot of chunky multi-coloured glitter through it.
M1- This shade is a warm brown chocolate - it has a velvet, buttery texture.
S2- This is a golden shade with chunky multi-coloured glitter in it.
M2- This is a caramel warm toned brown colour - it has a buttery soft texture.
From Top Left: S1, S2. Bottom Left: M1, M2
From Left: S1, S2, M1, M2

S3 - This is a pink toned champagne shade with multicoloured chunky glitter through it.
M3- This is a warm soft brown shade, it is a perfect transition shade - and again has a buttery velvet texture.
S4- This is a smooth beige highlight shade with a small amount of micro glitter throughout - when applied this shade leaves a sheen on the skin
M4- This is a matte neutral beige shade- this shadow has a buttery smooth texture.
From Top Left: S3, S4. Bottom Left M3, M4
From Left: S2, M2, S3, M3

S5- This is a khaki glittery shade; unfortunately this shade has little to no colour payoff - when swatched the only thing that translates from this shade is the multicoloured glitter!
M5- This is a cool toned pale grey-brown colour this is another great transition shade.
Top S5.Bottom M5
From Left S5, M5, S6

S6- This is a sliver grey shade with chunky glitter though it.
M6- This is a cool toned dark brown shade - this shade again has a velvety texture.
S7- This is a blue grey with chunky glitter through it.
M7- This is a smooth matte black shadow.
From Top Left: S6, S7. Bottom Left: M6, M7
From Left: M6, S7, M7

After trying all these shadows, I'm really impressed with all of the matte shades as they are very smooth and blendable with excellent lasting power. I also really liked S4 because it is very smooth and is a gorgeous highlight colour.  The "shimmer" shades were different - they all had chunky glitter running through them, they felt soft and had good colour payoff when swatched! However when I applied them to my lids with the brush, the colour payoff wasn't great and there was huge amounts of fall out. I found that I was able to slightly minimize the fallout when I applied them with my finger and the colour payoff was better. However there was still some fall out. And personally, the chunky glitter was too much for me!  .

This Palette was €46. Although I love the matte shades, I don't think its worth the money as I found the shimmer shadow personally too glittery to wear.


  1. This palette looks beautiful so it is a shame about the shimmery / glitter shades being a little disappointing. Still the matte shades look great! xo

    1. Thanks Megan, The matte shadows are fantastic! x