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My Favourite Makeup Brushes

Face Brushes
Eye Brushes
I have narrowed my selection down to 15 brushes. This amount of brushes may seem like alot to most people, I'm not saying you need all of them - they are just my favourites, most of which I use on a daily basis.

 The first lot of brushes I'm going to talk about are Sigma brushes. These brushes are basically dupes of MAC brushes, and in my opinion are of a much better quality- in that Sigma brushes don't shed and the bristles are much softer than their MAC equivalents.
Not to mention that Sigma brushes are on average half the price of their Mac equivalents. Having said this there are 3 MAC brushes that love and use daily!

From Left: E36, E30
Sigma E36 Blending brush Link- This is a natural bristle brush, the bristles are long and narrow. I don't use this on a daily basis, but when I do use this brush it is to apply shadow into the crease (with more precision than a larger crease brush would give me).
Sigma E30 Pencil brush Link -This brush is made of natural bristles which are soft and tapered into a point. I use this brush to apply shadow in the outer corner.

From Left: E40, E55
Sigma E40 Tapered blending Link - The brush is made of natural bristles. I use this with no product on it to blend my shadows out. This brush is soft and fluffy it blends any harsh edges out easily.
E55 Eye Shading brush Link - The brush is made of natural bristles. I use either side of  this brush to pack colour on my eyelid. In emergencies I have also put shadow on the tip of the brush and applied the shadow into my crease.

From Left E70, E20
Sigma E70 Medium Angled Shading Link - The brush is made of natural bristles.  It's a tapered angled brush. I use this to  apply highlight shadow under my brow bone. The angle of the bristles also allow me to reach the inner corner of my eye when applying my base shadow all over the lid.
Sigma E20 Short Shader Link- This is a natural bristle brush - it is dense yet soft. I use this brush to apply eyeshadow to the lower lash line.

FromTop F30, F40, F80

Sigma F30 Large Powder brush Link- The brush is made of soft natural bristles. I use this brush to apply finishing/setting powder all over my face.
Sigma F40 Large Angled Contour brush Link The brush is made of natural bristles.I find this brush too big to contour with. However I love to use this to apply blusher along my cheekbones and on the apples of my cheeks.
F80 Flat Top Kabuki brush Link -This brush is made-up of synthetic bristles, allowing me to achieve a full coverage application as the fibres don't hold the product the way natural bristles would.  I use this to apply foundation, I have found that it does most of the work for me. I blend in circular motions and my foundation looks flawless.

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From Top: Blush, Expert Face, Contour
From left: Contour, Expert Face, Blush
The Real Techniques Expert face brush Link-  I also use this to apply foundation. It allows me to apply and blend foundation seamlessly. If I had to pick one foundation brush, I would choose the expert face brush. I think it has a slight edge because it fits better into the contours of the face.
The Real Techniques Blush brush Link I don't actually use this brush to apply blush as I find it too big. I have however found it perfect to apply bronzer all over my face.
The Real Techniques Contour brush (only part of the core collection) Link - This brush is perfect for applying a matte bronzer/contour powder into to hollow of my cheeks.
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All of these brushes are made up of hand cut synthetic bristles which are incredibly soft. They also have aluminum handles making them light weight and easy to handle.

From Top: 188, 217, 266
From Left: 188, 217, 266
MAC 188 Small Duo Fibre face brush Link -This brush is made with both goat hair (white bristles) and synthetic bristles (black bristles). I use this brush to apply highlighter. I find that it only picks up a small amount of product and applies it lightly onto my face. Just to note - I do not have the Sigma version of this brush so I can't compare.
MAC 217 Blending brush Link - This brush is made of goat hair. I use it to do several things -mainly to apply shadow into the crease, however in a pinch I have also used it to apply shadow onto the outer half of my eyelid and to blend shadows out. I have the Sigma version (E25) of this but I have found that the MAC 217 holds its shape better.
MAC 266 Small Angled brush Link -This is a natural hair brush. I use this to apply gel liner to my upper lash line. I also use it to apply dark eyeshadow to my upper lash line instead on liner on days when I want a softer look. I have the sigma version of this but I have found that the bristles are more elongated on the MAC version making it easier to use.

I thought it was worth mentioning that I have the MAC 150 large powder brush as well as the 129 blush brush. However I do not like these brushes as they shed alot, I find them to be rough, and scratchy on the skin. I have sensitive skin and also have found that these brushes aggravate my skin and leave it blotchy for about an hour after I use them. Sigma do their version of them, they are much softer, they do not shed and are lot less expensive than the MAC ones. Also just to note all Mac individual brushes are handmade, because of this I have found that each brush is slightly different.

I have had my Sigma and Mac brushes for years and wash them regularly, they are all still in one piece! The sigma brushes have not shed, neither have my three favourite MAC brushes.
I have had the Real Techniques brushes about a year and they're as good as new!

Please note I purchased all of the products mentioned & the links provided are not affiliate links.
I hope you have enjoyed this post and found it useful!

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